Aditya Birla
Goal Based Mutual Fund Advisory
At the drawing board, a master artisan endeavors to craft nothing short than a jeweled master piece. That’s a benchmark we too strive to achieve. Wearing the hat of your wealth guide, rather than focusing on performance and investment arrangement, we center our investment strategies on individual-specific goals which we proudly call as the phenomenon of “goal based investing” for wealth creation. Keeping in mind your short term investment plans, long term investment plans, child investment plans or monthly investment plans, our team of experts proactively monitors your portfolio and recommends rebalancing strategies as required. It ensures an investment plan that seamlessly integrates with your changing investment needs or goals, at regular intervals. We give your life and investment goals as much importance as you do and ensure that they are met at all times. That’s why you get exclusive access to tailor-made goal based solutions to help build a wealth legacy for financial wellbeing.
MF Investment plan
Armed with an insight-linked asset allocation plan, your Relationship Manager works in tandem with you to rebalance your portfolio and ensure that it meets short and long term goals.
MF Portfolio construction
Our dedicated Wealth Manager shall exhibit total transparency at every stage of the investment process without compromising the health of your portfolio. We execute a tailored and inclusive investment strategy and maintain complete confidentiality, every time.
MF Portfolio maintenance
For you to capitalise on market trends and position, your Wealth Manager will proactively and periodically monitor your portfolio giving you enough time to respond to market fluctuations.
MF Portfolio review
We regularly review a portfolio so that investment horizons can be seamlessly integrated with the changes in investment needs, patterns and goals.
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