Aditya Birla
SENSEX 41613.19226.79 0.55%
NIFTY 12248.2567.90 0.56%
SENSEX 41613.19226.79 0.55% NIFTY 12248.2567.90 0.56%
Result Announcement
Date Headline
[25-Jan-2020]    [18:09] APL Apollo Tubes
[25-Jan-2020]    [17:44] Control Print consolidated net profit rises 72.41% in the Decembe..
[25-Jan-2020]    [17:44] Pondy Oxides & Chemicals standalone net profit declines 28.67% in..
[25-Jan-2020]    [17:44] Oswal Yarns standalone net profit rises 200.00% in the December 2..
[25-Jan-2020]    [17:04] APL Apollo Tubes consolidated net profit rises 477.00% in the Dec..
[25-Jan-2020]    [17:04] Muthoot Capital Services standalone net profit declines 22.78% in..
[25-Jan-2020]    [17:04] DCB Bank standalone net profit rises 12.31% in the December 2019 ..
[25-Jan-2020]    [17:04] Mayur Floorings reports standalone net profit of (rupee)0.01 crore in..
[25-Jan-2020]    [17:03] SKP Securities consolidated net profit declines 77.27% in the Dec..
[25-Jan-2020]    [17:03] Siyaram Silk Mills consolidated net profit declines 47.05% in the..
[25-Jan-2020]    [17:03] MPIL Corporation reports standalone net loss of (rupee)0.14 crore in ..
[25-Jan-2020]    [17:03] Indo Cotspin standalone net profit declines 50.00% in the Decembe..
[25-Jan-2020]    [15:06] Cybele Industries reports standalone net loss of (rupee)0.91 crore in..
[25-Jan-2020]    [15:06] Amalgamated Electricity Company reports standalone net loss of (rupee).
[25-Jan-2020]    [15:06] N K Industries reports standalone net loss of (rupee)0.18 crore in th..
[25-Jan-2020]    [15:06] Key Corp standalone net profit declines 52.38% in the December 20..
[25-Jan-2020]    [15:02] Bhageria Industries standalone net profit rises 17.41% in the Dec..
[25-Jan-2020]    [15:02] ICICI Bank consolidated net profit rises 149.16% in the December ..
[25-Jan-2020]    [15:02] N K Industries reports consolidated net loss of (rupee)0.40 crore in ..
[25-Jan-2020]    [15:02] Muller & Phipps (India) consolidated net profit rises 300.00% in ..
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