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Alternative Investments Funds
Since time immemorial, it has always taken two to meet success. A result of our affiliations with leading product manufacturers is our product suite that helps preserve capital, ensure risk protection and offer diversification. Aditya Birla Money offers Portfolio Management System (PMS) that satiates the growing investment appetite of the Indian investor and helps expand their portfolio beyond direct equities and bonds.
Private Equity
Invest in opportunities beyond the landscape of markets. Through our affiliates, we offer a host of private equity funds, which invest in unlisted securities and capitalize on the changing economic climate.
Loan Against Securities and Mutual Funds
Our formidable partnership with Aditya Birla Finance allows you to expand your portfolio by borrowing funds against investments and use it to secure more investments.
Gold is as alluring as the piece of jewellery it helps create. It is a true testament of wealth and can help diversify and manage portfolio risks. We offer multiple avenues of investing in gold. Holding gold in a portfolio can provide distinct benefits, as it is not correlated with most other assets.
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