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At Aditya Birla Money Wealth Management, our primary focus is to tailor a portfolio specifically to suit your goal based financial needs. Wealth Management in India has been on an uptrend and with better economic policies we see a bright future for all sectors and businesses in Indian economy in the time to come. Right from understanding your needs, expectation and risk appetite, we do everything that goes into making your portfolio as precise, specialised, distinct and unique as you.
Our team of wealth advisors and experts empowers you with diversified profile-specific portfolio reviews and helps you ride over interim volatility effectively by following a discipline-oriented approach of investment management. We also follow a rigorous process to provide you with real-time updates on latest market developments and use various state-of the art financial tools to ensure a technologically advanced wealth building process.
Investment Plan Creation
The degree of detail that goes in crafting jeweled pieces can only be matched with the smart investment planning and punctilious research we conduct for you to take informed investment decisions enabling you wise investments. We personalize & customize investment plans based on risk tolerance, investment goals, market environment, and our worldview.
Portfolio Reviews
We schedule routine portfolio reviews to ensure it stays diversified and aligned to profile-specific objectives. Our platform prompts a Relationship Manager to conduct portfolio discussions at regular intervals. In case a portfolio is underperforming or requires re-allocation, he will initiate a review on a case basis.
Market Updates
Market movement is dictated by multiple and complex parameters. To ensure that our customers are abreast of recent market developments, we send out frequent real-time updates which help them take prompt and informed decisions.
Events and Conferences
As an open architecture organization, we make sure that customers have an all-inclusive view on markets and investments. For this very purpose, we regularly organize events and conferences across geographies featuring industry experts. We even initiate one-on-one telephonic discussions around recent market developments.
Online Portfolio Access
With our online portfolio system, accessing portfolio online is very handy. One can monitor portfolio progress or review it to know if it’s calibrated with set objectives. With this we also enable you with best personal financial planning tools needed at every step to make your experience of wealth management truly enjoyable.
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